4 Ways To Go From An Average Marriage To An Awesome Marriage!

How would you rate your marriage right now? Are you happier, healthier and more fulfilled than you’ve ever been, or have the struggles and daily grind of life put your romance on the back burner? I believe we all want our marriages to be awesome, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to make it a reality.

I live in the “real world” just like you, and I know that not everyday can look like a honeymoon, but I also strongly believe that most married couples settle for an existence of mediocrity when something much greater is within their reach. As I’ve interacted with couples from all over the globe, I’ve found some trends that can help move a marriage from “average” to “awesome.” Here’s how to get started:

1. Don’t let fantasy take you away from reality.

There’s a strong temptation in marriage to spice things up by escaping into fantasy. For men, this usually involves porn and for women, this often involves movies or books which steamy story lines. It might feel like it’s “spicing things up” in the moment, but in the longterm, it is actually desensitizing you in dangerous ways. Our emotional detachment to those kinds of fantasies can ultimately create detachment in our marriages. Work together to make your reality something better than any fantasy.

2. Create “Milestone Memories” together.

When you look back on your marriage, I believe a few key milestone memories will stand out. Those memories usually require planning and a strategic investment of time and resources to make it possible, but those investments pay off! Create a unified “bucket list” and find ways to share those experiences.

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