9 Reasons You Should Start Having Sex. Lots Of Sex.

Sex is amazing. We are mammals and are meant to do the deed, dance the horizontal mamba, ruffle the sheets, and roll in the hay. It’s a perfectly natural and beautiful part of life. We do not often think about what kind of an effect sex has on our bodies. On the flip side, we rarely think about what happens to our bodies when we haven’t been sexually active in a while.

Have a look at nine effects not having sex has on your body. When you’re done, go out and find your partner to avoid any permanent damage. You’ll thank us later.

9. It Plays Hell On Your Immune System

Having sex on a regular basis tells your immune system to kick into high gear. Sexual activity promotes a healthy immune system so there is nothing wrong with getting it on… and on. When you stop having sex, you miss out on those benefits and are more likely to get sick or contract infections.

8. No Sex = Stress

Sex also has a lot to do with your mental state. Regular sex will ensure a more enlightened soul while a lack of sexual activity might send one over the edge. A few studies have been performed relating high blood pressure in response to stress in those who haven’t been active in the bedroom.

7. No Sex Makes You Dumber

Religious leaders of the past tried to make their flock believe abstinence leads to intelligence. However, scientists have seen the opposite. In fact, sex increases the amounts of neurons in the brain’s hippocampus. Abstinence does nothing. However, there is some good news to no sex as you’ll see in #6.

6. Goodbye STDs And UTIs!

Ok, not having sex reduces your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. UTIs usually appear when bacteria is transferred to the urinary tract during sex, more specifically during sex in the rear end. That’s not really news. You can receive either one through nonsexual activity so you’re not out of the woods yet.

5. Your Hymen Won’t Grow Back

Abstaining from sex for a while in order to reinforce the tightness of your nether regions isn’t going to work this time. Trust us, people have tried. Vaginal tissues may stop relaxing after a while with no coitus, but that’s about it. You might as well stay in action before #4 happens!

4. Lack Of Libido

Some experts believe regular sex stimulates the libido. They believe no sex may curtail your libido over time as your body gets used to the lack of hormonal activity that happens when you are aroused. However, this has not been proven and some people simply have more active libidos than others.

3. Your Heart Might Physically Suffer

One session of sexual debauchery has been likened to a 30-minute jog around the block, meaning around 105 calories are burned. This is why sex is directly linked to cardiovascular health. The longer you go without sex means the more you should think about investing in a good pair of running shoes.

2. Ladies Might Not Get Wet Right Away

Regular sexual activity keeps your internal organs productive. Lacking in the sex department might mean your internal chemistry will have to work overtime in order for you to get wet before doing the deed. This means foreplay, lots of foreplay. Don’t worry ladies, men might suffer something worse. We’ll go over that in #1.

1. The Dreaded Erectile Dysfunction

It’s no surprise men have a harder (no pun intended) time of having sex all of the time. Abstinence has been known to increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. The studies on this topic have typically been performed on older men, though. Either way, you probably shouldn’t take that chance.