12 Ways to Get the Spark Back in Your Marriage

When we first started dating our spouses, the butterflies were non-stop. For many of us the frequency of butterflies dwindled while the feelings of love remained. Then we got engaged and they returned as we walked around hand in hand with our fiancés excited about the new chapter of our lives with them. Again the flutters became less fluttery until of course, we said I do.

For some couples the honeymoon period was the height of marital bliss. Those first few weeks, months, and years were some of the happiest for couples. Still on the high from getting married arguments were few and far between and comprise felt so easy “sure honey, whatever you want.” “You pick.” “No you pick.” And then life got real, the responsibilities grew and you found yourself tested in ways that everyone said happened despite you perhaps thinking you were the exception. Things such as job losses, the birth of a child, or other outside stresses can all cause the butterflies in your stomach to cease to fly and the sparks that once filled your marriage to go out.

And while the causes for a loss in spark vary from couple to couple the reality is that many couples struggle to get it back. But perhaps it is simpler than we think. What if getting the spark back in your marriage doesn’t require you to move mountains but to make just enough effort to bring back the butterflies and get the spark going again. Here are 12 ways to get the spark back in your marriage:

1. Revisit a special place

Visit the place where you first met, went on your first date, where you two got engaged or maybe where you first whispered the words “I love you.” Be sure to pick a place that holds special meaning for you both.

2. Watch a movie or old TV show that you both love

So maybe you like romantic comedies and he likes action movies, even so there’s got to be at least one movie that you both like or that holds a touch of nostalgia for you. After you put the kids to bed curl up and watch it.

3. Watch your old wedding video

Recently we watched a portion of our wedding my uncle had recorded. It wasn’t a professional video but it captured the most magical parts of our wedding the reading of our vows and our first dance. Watching it had me in tears. I was able to see the happiness that graced our faces. We knew then that the two of us had a good thing.  It was a sweet reminder of the fact that we still have a good thing.

4. Read your vows

Rereading your vows is an excellent way to remember why you chose to spend your life with the person you married, particularly during the hard times. I’ve spoken to the notion of remembering your vows. Each time I read them I find myself filled with warm happy feelings and a reaffirmed appreciation for my husband.

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