11 Types of Men Who Make The Best Husbands

Men who remain calm in a crisis

No matter who you are married life will be full of storms that you’ll have to weather together. Life happens. Job losses, death, health issues — all these things will affect you both at some point and the type of guy who makes a great husband is one who knows that panic is not a strategy. Someone who can keep calm and stay on your side, knowing that you two can support each other through anything is the only kind of man worth having.

Men who are family people

One of the best indicators that he’s husband material is that he is close to his family and treats them well — that’s the space you’ll occupy one day so don’t ignore the sneak peak while you can learn from it.

Men who don’t need to be nagged

Nagging is a two way street and it sucks for everyone involved. If you have to ask someone to pull their weight in a relationship, you’ve already lost.

Men who make good fathers

When you see a caring, responsible man — the kind who will make a good father — you know he will also be a good husband because those things require a lot of the same character assets: being able to commit to something, being able to love someone else more than you love yourself, patience, humor, and being able to put in work when things aren’t easy.

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