10 Ways To Show Your Husband That You Love Him

Human beings are insecure creatures. Even the most self-assured of us have niggling aspects which we do not like about ourselves. These things are generally quite inconsequential but that is not the case in our minds.

In the world that we create and occupy, these flaws in our characters are things that we are scared people will hate. We live in paralyzing fear that if the person we love finds out about them then the relationship is doomed. It is for this reason that it is important to continuously reaffirm your love for one another.

  1. Brag about him to your friend while he is around

People might say that they don’t like people giving them compliments, but overall, we do. A man’s ego can be an interesting thing. Something as small as this can leave him walking upright and proud for weeks.

  1. Rub your fingers through his hair while relaxing

This task accomplishes 3 things all in one. Firstly, having someone run their fingers through your hair feels nice. Secondly, it tells the person that you are with that you enjoy physical contact with them. Lastly, this action can be a sort of grooming which is interpreted as love in the lower parts of the brain.

  1. Wear an outfit that you know he likes

This is not to say that you need to dress specifically for your partner every day. But, if every occasionally, you throw on a number that you know he likes. It will not go unnoticed. He will appreciate the consideration that went into this small gesture.

  1. Touch him as you walk past him

Modern life is busy, even at home. We are sometimes so focused on our daily tasks that we forget to acknowledge the presence of those around us. Touching your partner while you walk past them will serve as a little reminder that you love and see them.

  1. Ask him to explain one of his hobbies to you

Men and women may be equal, but a lot of the time our hobbies are not. We just do not like the same things all the time, and this is fine. But maybe asking him to talk about or explain one of his hobbies will make him feel like you are interested in him, his life and what he likes.

  1. Set aside time for date nights

This is one which both partners would need to participate in. It does not matter how long you have been together, quality time alone should always be on the to-do list.

  1. Encourage and support him

This is one of the best possible ways to show your partner that you love them. By simply believing in them and being on their side, you have the power to make them feel like they could take on anything.

  1. Compliment him

Kind words can go a long way. Small compliments every now and again will reaffirm to your partner not only that you love them, but also why you love them.

  1. Ask him about his day

This simple inquiry will let him know that you are actually interested in his life. That you care about the things he does, sees and feels.

  1. Tell him that you love him

This may seem obvious, but we just do not say it enough. If you love a person, tell them. Never stop saying it. Life is just too short to let the people you care about think, even for a second, that you do not love them.