10 Things Husbands Should Say to Their Wives When They Get Home

This is not a 1950’s after-school special and ‘’Honey I’m home…”, is simply not going to cut it. The battle between the sexes has been waging for some millenniums, with each side suffering equal loses. It is a running, universal joke that men don’t understand women and that is the end of the saga. But it is not that complicated.

Women simply want to feel secure, loved and wanted. It is not the secret to nuclear fusion. It is just being cognizant of the fact that you have an individual in your life that wants to feel seen by the man she is in love with. With that being said, here are some simple things husbands can say to their wives when they get home.

  1. You sure wear that dress well.

While it is not advised to say this to a woman you are not dating, saying this to your wife will make her feel like the goddess she is. It removes attention from the outfit and places it on her.

  1. You are just the person I wanted to see.

This will let your wife know that not only are you happy to be home from work but that you are happy to be home with her.

  1. I thought about you today.

No reasonable woman is expecting to be on your mind every hour of every day, but knowing that you think of her occasionally will surely put a smile on her face.

  1. Did you have a good day?

Some people are not that interested in rehashing a bad day, but this delicate inquiry will at least make your partner feel like you care. It is not imposing or intrusive but can open the lines of communication if need be.


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  1. I picked up dinner on the way home.

This is the modern era and household duties are equally divided between spouses. It is not necessary to prepare a 3-course meal for your partner, but preplanning dinner will make them feel on top of the world. It assures them that you have them in mind when planning your day.

  1. How do you feel about relaxing on the couch with a movie later?

Big gestures do not always need to be big gestures. It is the thought that counts. This simple proposal shows that you would rather spend an evening in their presence rather than on your computer.

  1. Can I help with that?

This may seem rather vague, but it applies to absolutely everything. Maybe your wife is washing the dishes, packing away groceries, putting the kids to bed, doing the laundry. Whatever it is, offer to help. Guaranteed, it will not go unappreciated.

  1. I could take you right here right now.

It may seem like a rather sexually aggressive greeting, but the spontaneity and frankness of this statement are sure to raise the temperature of the room by a few degrees. Sex is a vital part of a relationship and this may just be the perfect way to reignite that old spark.

  1. It feels good to hold you in my arms again.

There is nothing quite like being held by the person you love. The warmth, security, and calmness in that embrace cannot be explained. Whispering this into your wife’s ear, while you hold her is the perfect way to let her know how much she means to you.

  1. I love you.

It can never be heard or said enough. If all else fails, these 3 words are the perfect, most honest fallback.