Yes, You Can Make It through Your Home Renovation without Divorcing Your Partner

Caution: Remodeling can be hazardous to your marriage

 One divorce lawyer says he’s seen more divorces over remodeling projects than from extramarital affairs. On a scale of 1 to 10, family therapists rate remodeling projects at about a six in terms of stress on a relationship. Paint color is one of the greatest sources of DIY disagreements for couples.

Get the family involved

 “My wife decides all the details about how something should look, and I retain veto power if I DISLIKE anything.” – David Hawkins “Get the whole family involved. A remodel that doesn’t meet everyone’s needs will lead to more arguments and more stress as soon as the last nail is driven.” – Paul Bianchini “My wife likes to say, ‘We work best together in separate rooms.'” – Ed Stawicki “I let her make all of the design decisions and I do all of the work, which is the part I enjoy!” – Dave Pike

Pick your battles

 “Pick your battles. If it really doesn’t matter to you if the room is blue or yellow, let it go.” – Nancy Hayes “The three most important words in a marriage: ‘you’re right, dear!’” – Larry L. Meacham “I do everything but paint. I’m not allowed to do any of that at all, and for 27 years that has worked fairly well.” – Michael Gilfilian Check out some advice for a happy marriage from couples who know.

Timing is everything

“I tell my wife how long a project will take—and she knows it will take three times longer.”- Dave Switzer “I tell my wife, ‘Let me finish one project and enjoy it for at least a week before you add another to my list.’” – Brian Feltz

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