10 Texts to Keep Your Partner Daydreaming

It is undeniable that we live in the age of information and technology. Phone calls have replaced face-to-face conversations and texts have replaced love letters. Some may be mourning the by-gone days of receiving delicately scented letters from their darling, which are filled with ardent declarations of love and devotion. All is not lost though. Instant messaging has a magic of its own. Firstly, it is instantaneous and secondly, you can send pictures…wink, wink.

Unsolicited pictures of someone’s junk is not necessarily what is meant here. But rather, one is able to build tension and mood via texts. The key here is to be creative. There is no need to artfully build a narrative which includes side plots, secondary characters, and locations. When using messages to get under your partners’ skin, one simply needs to harness the power of suggestion. Therefore, in honor of the time of the smartphone, here are some texting tips which are guaranteed to keep your partner squirming throughout the day.

  1. Loving the flashbacks from last night…

If the loving was particularly good the night before then don’t be shy to let them know. This summoning of nights gone by is sure to keep your loved one’s mind distracted for hours on end.

  1. I’ve been dreaming about you…

For those that do not live with their partners, this is the perfect way to let them know that they are in your thought. Subconscious thought to boot, which makes it all the more enticing.

  1. Here’s a picture to hold you over till later…

And then obviously send a picture. This particular text is for the more adventurously inclined. The picture can be absolutely anything you want. You know best what turns your partner on.


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  1. I just bought the hottest bra, I think you going to love it…

This one is for the ladies. Going lingerie shopping? Why not include your partner in the process? No need for pictures here, let their mind fill in the blanks.

  1. How do you feel about games night tonight, I promise it will be fun…?

Feel free to load this text up with some emojis, it is all in the subtext after all. This may even be a good time to start discussing rules and prizes.

  1. Want to take a drive somewhere tonight? I’ve never done it in a car…

A suggestion such as this can be a bit risky. Caution is advised at ALL times; public indecency is a real thing. But, if you are feeling adventurous or maybe you just want to amuse the fantasy for a few hours. This might be the way to go.

  1. What would you like to do to me tonight?

Here we get straight to the point. But at the same time, enjoy the process. This may become quite a lengthy conservation, so buckle up.

  1. The things I’m going to do to you tonight…

Why not turn the tables a bit? Take charge of the situation and let your partner know all the things that are installed for them. One this is for sure, you’ll have a very excited loved one on your hands that evening.

  1. I miss being in your arms.

If you are not too interested in getting explicit via text, this message will set a romantic scene. It does not need to go any further. Simply letting them know that they are wanted and missed is sufficient.

  1. The thought of seeing you tonight is driving me to distraction…

It is an incredible feeling knowing that someone is distracted by the thought of you.