10 Gifts For Your Spouse that Are Hilariously Perfect

If you have a birthday, anniversary, or just want to celebrate that special someone in your life, here is a list of awesome gifts that will make them laugh and see just how much you love them.


We’ll break it up with 5 for men and 5 for women.


  1. I Like Your Weiner Mug

You can grab this on Amazon for $12.95


2. Beard Brush and Beard Comb kit for Men – Handmade Wooden Comb

For the bearded fella in your life. You can grab it on Amazon for $16.97


3.  It’s Not Easy Being My Wife’s Arm Candy T-Shirt

Make him feel like a million bucks by draping him in this sexiness. You can grab it here for $15.95


4.  The Drinking Glass We All Need

After a hard day’s work, it’s nice to clink a few ice cubes and relax with this awesome glass. You can get it for $15.95 here.


5. Trophy Husband T-Shirt

If he’s one of a kind and a looker (which we all think he is!) then let him know with this t-shirt. You can snag it here for $16.99.



  1. My Husband is Hotter Than My Coffee

If you feel she could do more bragging about your butt and your biceps, then let her coffee mug do it for you. You can buy it here on Amazon for $12.49.


2.  I Never Dreamed T-Shirt

Make her laugh and tell her how awesome she is all in one shot. You can buy it here for $16.99.


3.  Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Do you have kids? Does she like wine? Then this is the perfect gift. You can get it here for $15.95.

4. Hubby and Wifey Shirts

Wives love it when you act in a goofy romantic way towards them. Show her you’re not afraid of being “that couple” by buying these for $29.99.


5. Be Safe… Let Her Decide

Just click the image above and let her decide. It’s safe that way. 😉