21 Compliments Your Wife Is Waiting To Hear

All you husbands, listen up! You probably have taken your wife for granted some time in your life. She works hard doing lots of things to make your lives better and happier. Have you complimented her lately? If you are not in the habit of giving your wife compliments, here are 21 compliments your wife is waiting to hear.

1. You’re right – I’m wrong

Perhaps, this is the biggest compliment ever. It shows you are really smart because she is usually right about many, many things.

2. You look spectacular in that dress (or outfit)

Be honest here! Women have a way of looking spectacular, no matter what they wear. In fact, they try to look spectacular when they are with you. They probably make you look good.

3. I love your cooking

Some husbands do the cooking, but wives have historically cooked for their husbands. Many of the wives learn how to do it better and better as the marriage matures. Never say, “Oh, I wish you could cook like my mother.” Bad. Very bad. Compliment her on her cooking.

4. I love how you’ve done your hair

Many men are not observant, especially when it comes to hair. This is just a BTW note: women change their hairstyles. Be observant, men!


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5. You smell delicious!

Doesn’t your wife smell good anytime-whether she is working in the garden, working in the office, making bread, running errands, and even changing the baby’s diaper?

6. You are my best friend

This is probably one of those compliments all wives would love to hear. Of course, showing she is your best friend would even be better. Chocolates, anyone?

7. You are always there for me

While this is highly cliché, it still serves as an incredible compliment at the right time.

8. You are amazing!

This compliment can mean so many things like you are the most amazing woman I know. You did amazingly well on your talk at church. You are an amazing mother.

9. You are the smartest person I know

Most of the time, men have married up, and your wife is much smarter than you are. Please let her know often.

10. Thanks for being you!

Wives are naturally themselves. Most of them don’t try to put on airs. They are just plain good. Husbands should shower their wives with thanks and gratitude that they are, who they are- elegant, kind, witty, perfectly themselves.

11. You are stunning!

When you really look at your wife, both on the inside and the outside, you can truthfully say, “Wow, you are really stunning.” They are truly God’s gift to us!

12. You were the prettiest woman tonight at the dance (event, etc.)

This is always a good one because it is most likely true. Then, you need to show her by not gawking at others.

13. That’s a fantastic idea!

While some men ignore the ideas from women, don’t ignore the ideas from your wife- most of the time their ideas are probably better than yours. Acknowledge that and make the compliment!

14. I’m so glad you’re part of my life

Yes. Yes. And doubly yes! If you are smart enough and really pay attention, this is one of those compliments you probably would say every day.

15. You are perfect just the way you are

Often, men try to change their wives into something they are not. Accept them for who they are and love them even more.

16. You make my life so much easier

And they do it over and over again. Just think about everything your wife does for you. What if she were to suddenly disappear for a while? What would your life be like? What things would not be done? Husbands would be in a world of hurt. Compliment often.

17. I love your charitable heart

Women are just kinder than men are. Their hearts are just geared to helping others, especially their husbands. Watch and learn.

18. Thanks for picking up after me

Men are slobs. They throw or drop clothing or plates or anything wherever they land. Wives do not like messes. They want you to pick up after yourself.

19. That was the best date ever!

Isn’t every date with our wives the best date ever? Of course, that means you need to date your wife at least once per week, consistently.

20. Love your kisses!

Kissing before marriage was awesome and kissing should never stop after marriage. Be gentle and kiss often. Tell her how much you love her kisses. She will reward you with another kiss- maybe even a couple.

21. Thanks for validating my feelings

Perhaps, the better compliment would be: thanks for not letting everything be about you. Wives somehow know intuitively how to validate our feelings, and they do it so subtlety.

So, when you think you are getting close to understanding how it all works, you will discover once again that you are still in the learning stage. It would help, though, if you remember this one thing: compliment your wife often and honestly. You will be surprised how your marriage will grow and mature.