Top Changes You Can Make to Have a Happier Marriage

happy marriage

Instead of envying your friends’ marriages that you think are doing better than yours, make some valid changes. Use all your energy to play your roles in your relationship with your spouse. If you give it your all and it gets worse, let go. Avoid wasting too much time wondering why you married him or her. You already did and cursing and grumbling won’t change a thing. The logical thing to do is to deal with whatever is ruining your marriage right now. The following are changes you can make to make your marriage happier.


Build a friendship with your spouse

The best you can do to make your spouse feel better always is to reach out. Don’t wait until he or she is sick, grieving or depressed to reach out. Though people will naturally need you when they are feeling down and destroyed, in marriage you can show empathy all the time. Buying expensive gifts and taking her to expensive places is good, but you don’t necessarily need to spend money to show understanding or friendship. You can reach out to her or him every single day by using gestures like holding hands, kissing, hugging, and stroking their hair and so on. In addition to touching, tell them some nice and encouraging words. As well, create a short moment every day to catch up with your spouse. Talk about your goals, plans and dreams rather than things to do with your household management.  To be your spouse’s best friend, you have to do all things that ticked all the boxes when you were dating.


Schedule time for sex

Besides offering affection, fun, trust and other things that make a marriage relationship, couples should have sex. Besides a nicely cooked home meal, sex is another way to a man’s heart. If you haven’t been offering him enough sex, now you know it is extremely important to him.  As it was made for those in marriage, make time for it. Schedule time for sex to keep your minds prepared for it. If both or one of you yearns for physical love making, don’t schedule. Just do it.


Stop expecting perfection from him or her

The saying that nobody is perfect is so true.  When you feel angry, disappointed, depressed or betrayed, you are likely to blame it all on him or her. As a matter of fact, you may insist that your spouse is the one who must change to improve your relationship. The truth, however, is that none of you is perfect and each must change their ways to live happily ever after. If no one changes or takes responsibility, everyone will be unhappy.  Expecting perfection doesn’t help in marriage as it makes the offended feel punished. Above all, accept your own imperfections as a human being.


Get more active to feel happier

You cannot expect your partner to be happy if you are always down and dormant. And if you are this way, your marriage relationship will be dull and less fulfilling for the longest time. As stress is normal in this life and it contributes to one having bad moods, do something to manage yours. For instance, you can exercise in the early mornings by jogging or after work by doing some yoga. As you do this, you might cut some weight and feel happier. Once your partner sees some positive changes in you, he or she might want to join you or work on their own anxiety and stress. If you both participate, your marriage will be happier and more enjoyable.