Top 8 Tips About Showing Respect For Your Spouse

showing respect through a fist bump

Everyone deserves respect, especially when it comes to your significant other. Here are 8 tips on how you can show your spouse more  respect.

  1. Know what makes your spouse feel respected

For a marriage to thrive, respect is needed. Both parties must show respect to one another. Sometimes, when spouses get too comfortable, a line can be crossed. It is important that you understand what respect means to your loved ones and how to uphold it.


  1. Communicate

Respect is different for everyone. Find out what your partner defines as respect and be sure to use their definition when communicating with them. Be sure to tell your partner what you deem respectful and what is not. An open line of mutual respect will strengthen a marriage.


  1. Ask if you think you may have disrespected your partner

One way to find out if you have disrespected your partner is by simply asking. If they are not going to tell you about their feelings, then observe what is said or done after your partner seems to be upset or lashes out at you. Sometimes it is difficult to understand when personal boundaries have been crossed.


  1. Listen

Truly listening is very difficult to master, despite what you may think. To show that you respect your partner, tune into what they are saying. Hold eye contact. Don’t look at your smartphone. Offer your sincere feedback once they are done talking. Sometimes your partner just wants to talk and not receive any advice. You can find this out by listening. Your partner and you will appreciate the readiness to listen to them and shows genuine interest in what they have to say.


  1. Encourage

Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way. Does not seem like much, to hear “it will be okay”, or “don’t fret”, but after a tough day, it can go a long way. Your person will remember that you took the time and interest in their feelings and well-being. A smile and uplifting word can truly strengthen a bond between you and your partner.


  1. Congratulate

Sometimes couples don’t like what the other does for a job or hobby. If that is the case, still encourage them and congratulate them on what they love. This will earn mutual respect from them to you and vice versa.


  1. Be Helpful

If you see your partner is struggling, help them out. This shows respect for them as you are willing to go the extra mile just to help them. You don’t have to do the whole project with them, but showing support is another sign of respect for one another.


  1. Express gratitude

Always show your gratitude for what your partner does for you. Whether it’s doing the laundry or getting take out. Remember it is not their job. They do these little things for the both of you. Showing appreciation for one another is a sure-fire way to keep up the romance and trust with one another. Be sure that your partner is not the only person doing the little things as well. Marriages are a two-way street.