The 18 Best Stories of Groomsmen Behaving Horribly!

The idea of the best man or groomsman behaving like a jackass at a wedding is a total cliché, but one that is based in truth. A groomsman (a.k.a. not the best man) ruining his supposed best friend’s wedding is one of those awful traditions nobody wants but still happens, like smashing cake in the bride’s face, or an unwise post-reception hookup. Here are some great stories about the worst best men Reddit users have ever encountered.

1. OldAndSlow remembers a groomsmen who found the one time that isn’t good for pizza.

One of the groomsmen had a pizza delivered during the ceremony. The pizza guy walked up the center aisle, called out the groomsman’s name. The groomsman paid for the pizza and placed it on the ground next to him. All in complete silence. Nobody laughed. Nobody moved. The minister just did this laser-death-stare at the pizza guy and then at the groomsmen. After the pizza guy left, there was a long moment of more silence. And then the minister continued from where he left off. It was extremely awkward for everyone.

2. Neg9’s father once attended a wedding where the best man didn’t do the lame “I forgot the ring” gag, but he did forget the bride’s name.

My dad was the best man at this one wedding. During the reception, when he was about to give a speech, he forgot the bride’s name. He spent a good ten seconds hastily whispering to himself random names of girls that could possibly be the wife. Since he was holding the mic, everyone in the room could hear it. To others, it sounded like a long list of the groom’s past girlfriends.

3. codymcn went to a wedding where the best man got the job done…eventually.

One time the best man forgot the ring, and when the officiant asked for the ring he was just like “Yeah I forgot it”, but to their credit they all took it like champs and moved right along and right after the ceremony – before the reception he hopped in his car, booked it back to the hotel, grabbed the ring, and came right back with it.

 4. This best man so thoroughly embarrassed himself, he deleted his Reddit account.

I was the best man at my brothers wedding. I got so nervous during my speech, the only thing I could manage to get out was ” dude your married.” I really hope no one remembers that one.

5. CrossFox42 got to witness the least funny, least clever thing of all time.

The best man’s speech was “Never Gonna Give You Up” in soft spoken word.

6. The husband of aveganliterary should’ve been more specific with the DJ.

My husband was a groomsman for one of his best friends a few years back. They used to go around late at night with a boom box playing “Lollipop” (1950s girl-group song) while causing harmless mischief (rearranging lawn ornaments and so forth). So at the wedding reception my husband sneaks over to the DJ and requests the song to surprise his friend. He even makes sure to ask the DJ if he has that specific song so the friend will get the joke. DJ assures him he has it. Night starts winding down and no song, we assume he forgot, oh well. Then out of nowhere the DJ comes on with “And now a special request for the groom” and plays a rap song about blow jobs (mind you, the groom is really not into rap). The bride looks horrified and we’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on and then I catch a lyric or two and realize the moron DJ is playing the Lil’ Wayne song “Lollipop” instead of the one my husband asked for.