Simple Things You Can Do To Please Your Marriage Partner

please your marriage partner

People who fall in love and get married have one goal in mind. This is to stay in love in pain or in joy. The problem with some people is imagining that a happy marriage will just happen. They fail to acknowledge the fact that good relationships require a lot of work and commitment from both parties. When the wife or husband is working tirelessly to protect a marriage, it can easily crumble. The other person needs to play their role too. If you want tips on how to get closer to your best friend and spouse, here they are.

Compliment their looks and efforts

It’s human nature to need the attention of those we love. Though you shouldn’t overdo it, make sure that you compliment your wife or husband occasionally. It can be as easy as noticing their new deodorant or dressing code or appreciating them as a parent and spouse. You can even go ahead and appreciate their hard work at work or within your family set up. Do not just notice things, tell the person verbally. Complimenting your spouse works both ways. It makes them feel valued and it reminds you of what you saw in them when you got married.

Give them a minute of your time

When out there, you can enjoy using your mobile phone or any other technological device you are addicted to. As soon as you get home, make sure that you don’t continue using these when your spouse needs a quality moment with you. Given them undivided attention for a few minutes or when you are having dinner or eating out. When you place boundaries to all things that could interrupt your quiet moment with your partner, he or she will feel loved and cherished.

Try to stay in shape

The first thing your man or woman saw when you first met was your physique. You had probably made a lot of effort to look presentable and shapely. Don’t let go of this passion when you are married to them. Exercise and take other measures to maintain your looks. Dress nicely and do your hair too and your spouse will always feel comfortable walking beside you.


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Express love a lot

There are gestures that are often done by those who love each other. Doing them can strengthen your bond and keep the spark alive. A simple hug or kiss on the cheek or lips can say a lot about your current feelings. These simple acts of intimacy are thought to release a hormone in your brain (oxytocin) that could increase your connection and attachment to a partner.

Prepare a sweet family meal

prepare a family meal

Eating out with your partner is okay. But there is something about a woman who cooks for her man from time to time. If you want to get closer to him, cook his favorite meal and serve it joyfully. Also, cook it when he is home all day. A good man will appreciate the extra effort.

Have gratitude and apologize always

Men will hardly ever apologize verbally. Instead, most of them prefer to buy their women a present. It is a good thing, of course, but it won’t hurt to apologize to her when your ego could ruin a good marriage relationship. Most ladies do apologize, but a few are grateful. It is important to tell express gratitude when he goes out of his way to please you. It’s wrong to think that your spouse should do a given task and they don’t need you to say thank you for it. A strong relationship is one where people express gratitude for big and small things. As well, a relationship can get better if both parties learn to apologize for offending each other.