Life Does Not Control How You Feel, You Do

No matter how optimistic or positive a person you claim to be, there will always be days where some external circumstance comes along and steamrolls over you and flattens you out, making you feel like you’ve just had your teeth kicked in only further adding insult to injury after you already feel life’s knocked you down.

It’s these challenging days in particular where it suddenly becomes far to easy to lash out, blame and hopelessly dismiss other people or things as the sole reason for why circumstances turned out the way they did and why you now feel the way you do because of them, and if you can you relate I highly suggest doing yourself this one favor of sprinkling the perspective I’m about to share here in this article on every-THING.

First, a Public Disclaimer…

Nobody and no-thing outside of you ever has the power to make you feel anything.

Here, read those words over again, but this time really allow the words to sink in:

Nobody and nothing else, but yourself, ever has the power to make you feel anything.

I know, you may be thinking, what about the extreme atrocities of mankind? IE. Starving kids in Africa, a lifetime wrongfully spent in prison, or your entire family being murdered, etc.

How could events like those listed above have zero possible impact and influence over how I’d feel?

I get it, trust me, and I’m not here attempting to convince you to become some emotionless robot, but I am here to explain in simple terms that no matter what type of external event has occurred, atrocity included, it is what has happened regardless of how or what you feel about it.

There’s not a shoulda-coulda-woulda in the world that’s coming to save the day, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it to change what’s happened. That is, unless you’re yielding some sort of time-altering technology still to be unveiled, and other than that fantastical option, what’s happened has happened and that’s that…