Husbands Who Are Absolutely Killing it at Marriage

Each relationship is completely different, and something that works for one couple will not necessarily work for another. That being said, the question that is going to be presented is not going to make your relationship work overnight. Maybe it won’t work out at all.


You want whipped cream? I’ll give you whipped cream.

When he was stuck in the craft store, he sent out an S.O.S.

And this guy in IKEA just gave up.

It’s poetry in motion…or on the fridge.

How one man told his wife he shrunk her sweater.

And their creativity in keeping the candy “safe” knows no bounds.

He makes a valid point.

With his face on a pillowcase, you’ll never have to miss him when he’s gone…side effects may include nightmares.

The moral of the story is, don’t let your husband tell them your “legal” name.

“Honey, can you put some pasta on the stove?”

I think the gardener is angling for a raise.

Then again, maybe he’s just creative?

Just a note of encouragement slipped under the door, but hey, there are some things you can’t rush.


May he live long and prosper when his wife screams and throws heavy objects into the shower.

His excuse? Well, it was on sale.

Ummm….so were these.

The weight of sweet words is immeasurable.

It’s the Dad Code.

Why some guys shouldn’t be allowed to RSVP to a wedding.

Even if they do have good taste in art.


Who needs an anniversary to send flowers? Not Steve, the closer of cabinet doors.

You leave him alone with baby for five minutes…

Hey! A blanket and rope are very “eco-friendly” wrapping options!

Technically he did get her a dozen roses.

But he should send the real thing after hiding a horn under her automatic car seats.

She wanted a designer handbag. She got a Gucci ham bag.

He lost a bet about their gender reveal and made sure he paid up.

You, and dat booty.

The proof is in the pork.

Getting a little bit fruity.

Sigh…all the good ones are taken.