How to Tell That She’s About to Leave You and What You Can Do About It?

There is a long-held belief that men hold all the power in the relationship. The idea is that the man decides when and how the relationship begins and that he too calls the shots when it’s about to end. Well into the 21st century, this is most certainly not true. It is completely possible that she will be the one who decides to leave this time. This is how you know it’s about to happen and what you can try to do to prevent it.

You will no longer be the first person she talks to

When in a happy relationship, people will always want to share their good news with their partner first. For some reason, sharing wonderful things with your loved one makes them feel more real. You want them to share in your joy. The same applies to bad news. We tell our loved ones these things because they are the ones to turn to when we need comfort and support.

If you are no longer her first port of call, then this is a very good indication that something is up. Why are you not the one that she turns to first? Is she simply avoiding sharing innocuous details or are you dropping down her priority list?

She has started letting things go

Fighting in a relationship is not necessarily essential but it does, at times, show that two people care about one another. People would put their effort into an argument if they didn’t care. When they fight about something, it means that they do care, and they want you to know that they care. The fight or argument may even be pointless, but they will fight none the less.

A woman who stops fighting entirely is not one who has simply become more laid back. She is a woman who has stopped caring. She has given up trying to change or work on things. She has totally thrown in the towel and does not have the energy to put in the effort anymore. This woman is one who probably won’t be sticking around for much longer.

You don’t connect sexually anymore

The longer a couple has been together, the less sex they will have. Obviously, this is not true for every single relationship, but it is a general rule that is obeyed. Once the honeymoon phase has come to an end, the bedroom will naturally become less steamy. You two will probably not have that burning passion for each other. There will no longer be that wild need to rip the clothes off the others back.

Less sex is normal. Sex completely lacking in any kind of intimacy or connection is not. This act is an incredibly intimate one. It is one in which we reconnect with our partners. We take the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our partners and to let them know how much we care about them. If you feel like you can no longer connect with her in the bedroom, then that is probably because she is distancing herself from you.

What can you do about it?

Every relationship is different. There is no real rulebook telling people how to make their relationship work. If it seems like your partner is about to leave you then you really only have one option. You have to talk to her. This conversation will not be easy, but it has to happen. You need to take a deep breath, calm your nerves and approach her.

This conversation should not be about blame. It should be a time when you both openly speak about your feelings. You need to know what is going on in her head and she needs to know what is going on in yours. If the relationship has any hope of surviving, you both need to know where the other stands. Once this is done, you will both be able to decide whether the relationship is worth fighting for or not.