The Best Date Ideas for Married Couples (and Why)

Out of the beauty of marriage arises an ease and comfortability that you begin to develop with your spouse. Slowly, you settle into an easy routine; wake up, go to work, come home, help the kids with homework and their activities, cook and eat dinner, go to bed, and repeat.

Sometimes it requires a purposeful intention to disrupt the routine of life. An easy solution is date night-a time where you and your spouse celebrate your love and replenish those burning embers to keep the fire of love going.

Here are just a few recommendations.

Dinner and movie: This traditional date night option is a low key way to spend time with the one you love. The beauty of this option is that it doesn’t necessarily require leaving the house since what counts is the intent for spending quality time purposefully and intimately with one another.

Stargazing: For those on a budget who want a little romance, pull out a blanket and lay on the grass, listening to the sounds of the evening buzzing around the two of you. What’s more romantic than a loving kiss under the moon, the stars a metaphor for the amount of love that you share, infinite?

An amusement park: Who isn’t smiling after getting off of a roller-coaster? Sharing the intense thrill with the one you love can be a great way to bring some unexpected thrill to the relationship….and perhaps a fun way to incorporate the kids.

Taking a walk down memory lane: Remember the first place that you kissed? The place that you shared your first date or dance? Studies show that couples who frequently recall the beginning stages of their relationship last longer. Why not do a literal stroll (or drive) to those places that you have shared together and have fun recounting all of the reasons why and where you fell in love with your spouse?

These recommendations can be a great way to share quality time with the person that you love.  What’s most important is the intention to have a special night designated just for celebrating your relationship and one another. Finding interesting ways to remain connected can be a challenge when life factors interfere. Penciling in quality couples’ time can be a helpful way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship glow, but can also be something to look forward to in the midst of life obligations and tasks.


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