Four Ways to Avoid Money Conflicts in a Marriage

money conflict between couples

Financial issues such as misappropriation of funds are one of the many reasons why most couples fight. In fact, constant misunderstandings about money have ended solid marriage relationships. In most cases, fights about money arise when one person spends a chunk of money without informing the other. Sometimes the stuff bought with the money may never be used again. Conflicts over money happen in all marriages and the approaches used to solve them are what matters the most. If you think that money handling between you and your spouse is slowly killing your beautiful relationship, here are good solutions.

Separate routine expenditures from big investments

Couples who often quarrel about their finances normally mix their money issues. Finances entail big investments like mortgages, medical and life insurance, retirement planning, and so on. Grocery purchases, transport fees and dining out refer to routine expenditures. When planning your money on a daily basis, do not mention bigger financial matters. Instead, plan a day or two each month to discuss and plan these things. This is one trick that can help any couple have fewer money conflicts.

Improve your communication about money

Conversation about money between a couple

You can invest or save jointly if you haven’t made an effort to build trust, work as a team and talk about your financial dreams and plans. To address your personal sides of money, you should first find a sensible way to talk about your money matters. Meet for about an hour and talk about your current financial situation. Address matters to do with your debt and savings. The only thing that most people can accumulate quickly is debt. Saving is usually hard for numerous people. Unless you identify your individual weaknesses and strengths about money matters, you might always have conflicts. As you communicate, point out a weakness without blaming each other. Then work on solutions to your problems and plan for things you want to have.

Make short-term and long-term goals

Even though you are a couple, each one of you has personal goals to achieve. You need to talk about these goals and plan for them financially. For instance, if you want to go back to school, you will require school fees. Instead of withdrawing the money without telling your partner, it would be better to tell them so you can both make a budget. If you want to take a trip, start a business or start another thing, discuss it with your lover or spouse. This will minimize conflicts about money later on.

Avoid dishonesty


Bitter divorce and separation cases arise from dishonesty. Whether it is about money or another issue, you shouldn’t be tempted to be dishonest. Instead, learn to invest time in learning how to be respectful and honest to you partner. Lies can be destructive and can eventually bring a healthy relationship to a halt. It is good to avoid them by always doing the right thing. And this is telling your significant other about your financial goals and plans. She may disagree, of course, but this does not mean that you can’t convince her or find another way.