Four Things You Are Doing That Could Tempt Him to Cheat

man having thoughts of cheating

A big worry among married couples is infidelity. It is one of the things that could break a thriving marriage. Infidelity generates one of the most painful betrayals. It hurts beyond words. In most cases women forgive their adulterous husbands; it’s hardly the opposite. While husbands who cheat on their wives have individual reasons to do it, none is enough to justify the habit. If you are facing infidelity, or are suspecting it, don’t blame yourself fully. It takes two to tango and since you are in a marriage together, both of you are responsible for fixing your marital issues. You cannot fix these things on your own, his or her contribution is important.  Meanwhile, here are 4 reasons why he may have an affair.

Boredom in the bedroom

When a relationship gets dull, uninteresting and mind-numbing, a man may cheat without walking out on his wife. He may go out to search for the spark and the thrill he currently can’t find in his marriage partner.  Most men claim that they love their wives even though they cheat, and that’s why they still come back home to them. What they are looking for out there is someone more inviting and exciting to be around. If you have become boring in the bedroom, especially, it’s time to act. If you deny him intercourse faking headaches or another sickness, you are driving him away. Instead, use every possible remedy to eliminate boredom in the bedroom. If you think he is to blame for something, tell him in a polite way. That way he will love you and prefer to do it with you than with someone else.

You no longer date your mate

When kids come and increase your responsibilities as a couple, you can very easily forget the beauty of your beginnings. Endless chores can get in the way of your sacred time as a couple. Before you know it, being too busy to talk and date each other can create a gap between you. And if an emotional disconnection occurs; he may be tempted to cheat. To get closer to your husband, suggest the date night idea. Once you do it first, he won’t need you to suggest it next time. And the more you have dates in your marriage, the more his love for you will surpass the urge to cheat on you.

You let yourself go when you married him

Perhaps you felt so happy and contented when you married him that you forgot all about yourself. Then the kids came and claimed so much of your attention that you left him none.  So far you may have neglected yourself physically and intellectually. You no longer want to pursue your personal goals and interests and have become rather boring, stressful and less ambitious. It is important to reclaim yourself regardless of your status. Even if you are not working, do something to improve your personal worth. Once you have done this, your positive energy might divert his ill intentions.

You can’t hold a sensible conversation anymore

Each time you open your mouth to speak to him, mind your words. If you are the kind of a woman who complains and criticizes her husband for everything, you are playing with fire. Most men won’t hesitate to come back home early to a calm and inviting wife. When it gets tough in your relationship, hold your tongue instead of hurling insults. Doing so will only drive him away to someone who can listen and then talk.