Five Behaviors That Could Strengthen Your Marriage Relationship

stronger marriage

If you aim to have a long satisfying marriage, ensure that you are responsible for the part you play in your relationship.  Be prepared to take total responsibility for your actions. Staying in denial does more harm than good. If you refuse to be accountable for your actions and your partner does the same, you two will have a marriage full of conflicts. Being answerable can boost your connection and bond and help you act in a mature, intimate way. In addition to accountability, there are 5 more behaviors that could boost up your marriage.

1. Touching

Some couples don’t touch much. They only do it in the bedroom. While this is fine, it’s not enough to strengthen your bond. Touching has been found to trigger the release of more oxytocin, a hormone that is known to create a stronger link between people. Hence, you should make an effort to hold hands, hug, kiss, pat shoulders or shake hands. Five to ten seconds of touching are thought to be enough to cause a positive change.

2. Accept your partner’s differences

It is important to listen to your partner when he or she is talking. However, it is not a must to always conform to everything they say. You can speak up when you disagree. Do not form a habit of having things done your way, however. That comes across as selfish. Your partner’s opinions matter as well. Even if both of you disagree on some things, don’t worry. It is okay to have differences. Do not go too far trying to prove why your solution or strategy is the best. Sometimes you can let him or her win to hold your relationship together.

3. Appreciate him or her each day

Telling your lover or spouse that you love and appreciate them often is okay. But you can break the trend by jotting down a thoughtful note saying what you love about them. Then, drop the note in his briefcase or her handbag. When they find the note unexpectedly, it will be a cool surprise and it will brighten up their day at work.

4. Men, listen to your women. Women, give your men space to think

Women appreciate gifts such as flowers and chocolates, of course. Nevertheless, women mostly want men to listen to them. Although you need time for yourself every day, don’t shut her out completely. Listen to her and you won’t have to solve everything yourself. As for ladies, don’t crave too much attention from him. Men can’t multi-task like women do and they need time to process a thought on their own. Let your man reconnect with his inner self and his desire for you will grow.

5. Don’t try to change him or her, it cannot happen

Trying to change your marriage partner will result to a lot of wasted efforts. Besides, you would appear as a nagging person when you seek to change your partner. Further, this behavior is dangerous because it can create a division and distance between you. The best way to live with your spouse is to let him or her be who they are. At the same time, focus on altering your own weaknesses and becoming a better person.