After 64 Years of Marriage, Couple Dies Just Hours Apart

I’m not gonna lie, my wife and I have had a conversation or two about how the other one better live forever because neither of us wants to go through life without the other one. So, I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to pass on then just shortly after the one I loved my whole life.

And that’s what happened to Dolores and Trent Winstead of Tennessee.

While holding hands in a hospital beds that were side by side, Delores passed first, then her husband of 64 years followed her just a few hours later.

Their daughter Sheryl had this to say:

“It’s been really hard for me because I was so close to them, and I never expected to lose both my parents at the same time,” Winstead said. “But, on the hand, I do see the sweet story in this — that they went together happily, and that’s the way they wanted it.”

“When we explained to our dad that Mom wasn’t likely going to make it, he — in our opinion — really grieved himself to death,” she said.

Here’s to hoping we can all love this deeply and pass this beautifully.