A Husband, A Wife, and Karma!

One of the things that make humans human is the ability to admire cleverness and the ability to turn the tables in a bad situation. We all love the underdog, and when we see something that makes us cheer for the underdog and when that underdog comes out on top, it makes us all feel good. Our belief that there is a form of natural justice still exists in the world. Here is one good example.

This story revolves around a man cheating on his wife, with her sister.


Set the scene

The wife has come home to find her husband has left her for her sister. He left her a note explaining why and she then responds in her own letter.


His “Dear Joan” letter

The husband writes that he has been married to the woman for seven years but feels that he has nothing to show for this time. He is also piqued that she didn’t comment on his new hairstyle, thank him for cooking her favorite meal nor did she mention that he was wearing new silk boxer shorts. On top of that, she had gobbled down the meal, watched the soap operas she follows on television and then went to sleep immediately.

According to him she no longer wanted sex and made no effort to do anything with him that would bring them closer together. He reasoned that this meant that she was either having an affair with someone else or she no longer loved him.

The final straw, as far as he was concerned, was that he had spoken with her boss and discovered, to his horror, that she had quit her job.

He ends his letter saying that he and her sister were moving to West Virginia to live together and he sarcastically wishes her a good life.


Her response

She opens by saying that his letter made her day and she agrees that they have been married for seven years but refutes that he has been a good man.

She then goes on to answer each of his statements.


Why she watches soap operas

She does this to drown out the sound of him complaining and whining at her.


Why she didn’t comment on the haircut

She thought it made him look like a girl and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying so.


Why she didn’t thank him for the meal

It wasn’t her favorite meal as she stopped eating pork years before.


Why she didn’t comment on the boxers

She noticed the $49.99 price tag on the shorts and knew her sister had borrowed $50.00 from her that same morning.


Why she quit her job

She then went on to say that she did still love him. When she won $10 million in a lottery draw, she had quit her job and bought them tickets to a beautiful holiday, but when she got home, he had already left.


Her Final Words

The divorce lawyer told her that the letter he wrote means she doesn’t have to pay him a cent of her winnings and that her sister, Carla, was born Carl!