How to Build Intimacy in a Marriage in 4 Steps

Building intimacy in marriage is easier said than done, especially when you have been married for some time. More often than not, couples are left alone to face their fears of turning into ‘old, boring married people’ and that happens to the best of us. In these times, you’re not just out of touch with emotional and sexual support, but also, when your life is based around no ambitions, it can have serious effects on your psychological well being.


As someone who is married, you need to realize that building intimacy in marriage is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Little do people know that even the smallest of acts of love and affection can turn your married life around! Here are 4 exclusive tips that can help you in building intimacy in marriage again!


1) Encourage Each Other

Become the only life and personal coach your spouse will ever need. Motivate them during difficult times and acknowledge their efforts when they accomplish something. Express your respect for your spouse and likewise, they will respect you. Compliment them both, in private and public, and inspire them to become a better person. When you’re doing all this in your marriage, your spouse won’t have to look elsewhere for encouragement.


2) Laugh With Each Other

Laughter and happiness drive intimacy in marriage and are the best ways to keep things in perspective during difficult times. When things are serious, never miss a moment to share a laugh and lighten up the mood. Learn to control your anger and encourage your spouse to do the same, as becoming angry is never the solution. Remember that with your spouse by your side, you can accomplish anything as long as you have a positive mindset and you can laugh about it.

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