3 Intimacy Issues that Are VERY Common in a Marriage

Intimacy is not just relevant to sex, but a deeper understanding of the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Without intimacy in a marriage, it is just a contract with legal consequences. However, when there is intimacy in a marriage, it is one of the most beautiful feelings a person could ever ask for. Let us overview some of the most common intimacy related issues in a marriage you should avoid to have a fulfilling and happy life!


Expecting Monogamy but No Action

If you expect your partner to remain faithful in your marriage, you should be willing to give them the reason to be faithful. Your partner has their share of sexual needs and they must be fulfilled. If you barely have sex with your partner, this may lead to them searching elsewhere for fulfillment. In such cases, marriage becomes a pressure rather than a relief, as the constant tension between you and your partner is only increasing with no action. Talk to your partner about it with an open heart and discuss your needs. Tell them that your needs are both emotional and sexual, and finding sexual comfort from other sources won’t lead to emotional support.


The Awkward Sex

It happens to every one of us in our lives and it’s just a situation you have to deal with. Sometimes you’re sleeping and your partner gets aroused out of nowhere at 3 am in the morning. Sometimes you both are talking about something serious and the next moment they are on top of you, believing that this will solve all the problems in the world. Entering into a marriage does mean that you and your partner are now lawfully wedded and whatever you do in your sex life with each other is permissible. That, however, does not give anyone the license to skip the foreplay and the intimate talk and then start right away with the sex. Remember that sex only satisfies your body, it’s romance and foreplay that satisfies the soul!


It’s Her Problem

It’s always her problem, isn’t it? It’s one of the most common and equally bizarre issues and one that has more to do with the perception of women. When you’re trying to conceive but can’t, it can become a mental challenge for both you and your partner. Even if your husband has fathered a child in the past, that doesn’t automatically mean they are still potent. In such situations, it is best to get a full body check up to discover who has the underlying issue. While it may not solve the problem, it will however, help both of you realize the physiological problems that affect your sex life.


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