11 Ways to Drive Your Husband Wild!

I bet when you saw that title you instantly thought this post was about sex. Nope! Well, maybe a little bit. But not very much.

I may be of the minority in saying this but I am one that doesn’t buy into the thought that a man is controlled by his…ahem…endowment.

Driving your man wild isn’t something that should be contained to the bedroom…or sex for that matter.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know men love it. But let’s give them credit for being about more than just sex.

Just as you want to be treated like a queen, his heart’s desire is to be treated like a king. So let’s have fun with it!

Although there are so many things you can add to this list, here are 11 ways to drive your husband wild:

1. Make Him Hot and Bothered.

I said this entire list wasn’t about sex, but I’m not crazy enough not to include at least one thing you can do to increase your hubby’s sex drive (and your own).

2. Fifteen Seconds a Day Keeps the Blues Away.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, fifteen seconds a day of this will keep the blues in your marriage far far away. And increase that to forty-five seconds to set off some fireworks!

3. Turn Your Home Into a Post-It Heaven.

I’ll never forget seeing my mother write sweet notes to my father in red lipstick on mirrors all over their bathroom. Now, that can be a messy proposition and was contained to one area. Expand a little. Make it cute. Make it mushy. Make it flirty.


4. Sharpen Up Your Flirting Skills.

There are SO many ways to flirt with your husband (think, sexy texts, playing footsie) and there is nothing like a man on a hunt. Don’t fight it; they were bred that way. Men love the chase! Let him know you want him, desire him, but he’ll have to catch you. *wink*


5. Call Your In-Laws Just to Say Hello.

When was the last time you called your in-laws, and not at the prompting of your husband? Remember, these are the people who helped make your husband to be the wonderful man he is today. Reaching out to the ones who brought him into the world (or at least raised him) will do more for him than you can imagine (this, of course, is assuming he has a good relationship with them and they’re not absolutely crazy 🙂 ).

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