10 Unromantic Signs He’s Crazy in Love with You

Who decided that candlelight and long-stem roses are the epitome of romance? I don’t know about you, but neither of those makes my heart skip a beat. Most likely, the things that make your heart melt aren’t “romantic” at all. That’s because love is rarely made from those polished, sweep-you-off-your-feet moments. Love is simpler than that. True love is all about the little things – they’re not romantic at first, but if you think about them for a minute, they’re better than any fancy dinner.

Here are 10 unromantic things that show how much he truly loves you:

1. He sees you pick your zits

Getting all dolled up for him is one version of romance, but nothing says “love” like being so free that you don’t have any reservations about letting him see the exposed, raw version of yourself.

2. He cleans up your vomit

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing romantic about barfing. But there’s also nothing more tender than being willing to care for a sick spouse, especially when things get messy.

3. There’s never an awkward silence

It’s so romantic to have someone you can talk the night away with. However, sometimes we forget the pleasure of being with someone we don’t have to fill the quiet void with. When it’s love, the silence is comfortable.

4. He sees your weaknesses

It might seem romantic for your partner to wear rose-colored glasses that blind him from your imperfections. But, choosing to be with you in spite of your “deal breakers” (because he believes you’re worth it) is the epitome of love.

5. He loves you when it’s hard

When you’re at your worst and you aren’t being nice to him (or anyone), he sees your low points as all the more reason to give you his love. He puts his arms around you to support you both physically and emotionally. He loves you when you need it, not just when it’s easy.