10 Marriage Memes for Wednesday

#1 Dad made a fishtank for Mom.

fishtank for mum for Chrismas

#2 Marriage prank: Husband tries to scare his wife.

how to scare your wife

#3 Asking husband to pack the lunch.

husband pack lunch for wife

#4 Husband with the maturity level of a 13 year old school boy.

husband with maturity level of school boy

#5 When you lost the battle with your wife.

lost the battle with wife

#6 Whenever Dad is five minutes late coming home.

my dad late coming home

#7 Road sign for married people.

try to figure my life out

#8 Funny kids demonstrate what the real marriage life is.

wife telling husband story

#9 That hilarious bath pillow

wife's bath pillow

#10 When wife asks you to eat healthier food.

you should eat more greens