10 Marriage Lies You Need To Stop Believing

Marriage can be fragile at times, especially at the beginning stages of your new life together. Learning to navigate through the rough patches can seem like a never-ending maze with too many dead ends.

Life can also seem like this when you’ve been married for a long time – even if it’s only been a few years. You start to question whether you married the right person or if your marriage is worth all the hardship.
You start to believe the lies that society tells about marriage and pretty soon you’re ready to sign the divorce papers.

Before you get to this point, it’s important to know what these lies are and how to overcome them. With some hard work, you’ll be on the road to marital bliss once you stop believing these 10 lies about your marriage:

1. Nothing is more important than my happiness

Believing that nothing is more important than your own happiness is a quick way to kill a relationship. Marriage is selfless; you should always take your spouse’s and children’s feelings into account. You definitely need to take care of yourself, but their happiness is just as important as yours.

2. I married the wrong person

Once you start to believe this, the only things you notice about your spouse are the things you’re not compatible with. Don’t buy into this lie. You didn’t marry the wrong person: You married an imperfect person with all kinds of flaw (and you have your flaws as well). Learn to love your spouse’s quirks and imperfections and they may end up being your favorite things about your sweetheart.

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