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Wife Says I'm Not Trying Hard Enough

My wife says that I’m not trying hard enough to plan fun dates but I try to plan a date once a month. There’s many times that something comes up or we forget about an event or social we have to attend but it’s not my fault. Any advice on pleasing the wife?

Sometimes you just have to say no to social events to go on dates with your wife. I know there have been a good number of times that my husband remembered about social gatherings last minute when we had a scheduled date and he decided that the date was more important the event. I wouldn’t have been frustrated if he decided to go the event but I really appreciated his decision those times.

My wife tells me that I over commit myself and I think she's right. But that's a good reminder to remember what my top priorities are.

Does your wife want you to improve on your date plans and ideas or does she want to see the date go through? From your post I’m not sure if she wants fun dates when you do go out or if she just wants to go out more.

Why does it have to be YOU to plan the dates?

To answer your question Steve, my wife wants both. I think she wants to go on more dates and wants to improve the dates we do go on.

To answer your question Marla, I guess it's an expectation that has continued when I was courting my wife. I would always ask her out and plan the dates. She planned some but it was mostly me. But you bring up a good point, perhaps I can ask her to plan some of our dates to relieve some of the burden and to see what she expects from a date.

First and foremost my respects for u and ur ur situation I would let her meet a respectful man clean and safe to go take care of her needs with responsibility tho