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Looking for Advice for Finding Law Enforcement Job

When it comes to employment everyone has their struggles. Our current situation has been a three-year process with civil service tests and things. Where we currently live the waiting list for the LEOs is a significant amount of time with no guarantee. I've been battling health issue for the past year so my husband is currently the sole income. The profession he wants will require us to try in other states as the wait time here has now been going on three years. What are some tips for finding law enforcement jobs? Every department we've researched requires multiple trips back and forth. I'm looking for some advice from anyone who's been there when it comes to this. How did you manage? Relationship wise we are strong, money has always been the one thing we've never fought about because we've both come from that type of background where we understand the value of a dollar. But with my lack of work and him not being able to even find a position in his career field, the struggle is becoming very real.
I appreciate any advice, Thank you❤️